How to design for iOS and Android.

How to design for iOS and Android.

October 1, 2018

Today I want to share some learnings about how design for iOS and Android.

1️⃣Start with iOS or Android
One of the things that I always question me is, where I can to start ? I need to do first iOS or Android, the answer is, it depends, depends about what is your target, your user. For example if in x country, the 70% of the people use iOS you need start to iOS, you need always starts with the solution that gives the user more value.

2️⃣The size is important
When you design for example for IOS you maybe think, I need design for iPhone X? iPhone 5 ? iPhone 7? So also it’s depends, a lot of times is better design to iPhone 5, because is the small size, but other times you can design for iPhone X and not problem, this depend also with your relation with developers, in sometimes them need only iPhone X and if is necessary they can to do the other sizes in code, so talk a lot with developers.

3️⃣Review review review
You finish the design of the app? Yet not, you need check how this will be implemented in code, check the interactions, check the sizes, etc the work don’t finish until the app to be in the hands do the user, Also you always Need to looking for new features, remember the design never ends.

4️⃣Native or customize
What is better ? Have date picker native or customize ? Each device have native components, is important you use them, but sometimes is necessary customize, the decision depends of the strategy of the product and effort and time you want to dedicate, is faster use naive component than customize component, is necessary use customize? You need ask you if this customize will bring value to the user.

Here only some learnings, I have more I am thinking to start publish in médium about tips, learns, etc. ???

What other topics would you like me to share? Good day ! ??

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