Motion Design in UI

October 1, 2018

Motion design can help us to create delightful applications … But choosing the right tool for the job can be really hard choice … There are so many great tools on the market at the moment … Let’s have a look at some of them.
? Principle
It offers you almost seamless import directly from the Sketch … All animations are done visually no code is required … You can edit timings or delays or even create more robust components called drivers … The biggest advantage of the Principle is that it allows you to make actual prototypes … With them you can quickly validate your ideas … Animations can be exported as gifs or videos.
⚒ After Effects
It allows you to make extremely complex and smooth animations … Importing designs is easy via SketchtoAE plugin … But the learning curve can be pretty long … No coding is required unless you write scripts … The huge disadvantage is that this is not a prototyping tool … Unfortunately you can not validate your ideas … Animations can be exported as videos or gifs via paid plugin.
? I am currently testing out Invision Studio and waiting on Framer (X) … What about you? … What animation tools do you use for your design projects? … Definitely let me know!