Responsive Pad


Sketch quick cross-platform application ideas with our Responsive Pad and get a handle on how a website might translate to mobile versions.

This pad has 2 device silhouettes on the front side and 2 on the back. Easily tear off sheets for review and pin-up.

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– Printing on both sides
– Mid-size dot grid. Perfect for quick sketching using markers and pens.
           *For pencil and mechanical pencil sketching we suggest using our Pocket UX Sketchbook, Individual Sketch PadsSticky Pad which contain more suitable soft thin size dot grids.
– Letter size
– Project Name, Screen, Date, Reference, Client & Note fields
– 50 sheets, 110g/m² paper
– Cardboard back
– 100% Recyclable

Weight342 kg
Dimensions21 × 30 × 0.7 cm