Create personal concepts

Exploring new colors, look and feel for wallet app

October 1, 2018

Exploring new colors and look and feel for wallet app, exploring features and how to do easy and beautiful wallet app.

Do you know why is important explore and create personal concepts? Here some reason:

1️⃣Think out the box
When you explore new colors and features you can and need think out of the box, think in new ways and ask you, why you need to do this how the last time ? Exist other way for the same solution? Your learn to improve your skills

2️⃣Improve creativity
When you explore and design new concepts, you can improve your creativity, and think in new visual solution for different problems

3️⃣Better than yesterday
If you practice everyday you will be better, remember that for to become better designer you need practice and to be in different situations with different problems, with this you will learn to think faster and create better visual solution.

What do you think about this design exploration? Let me know on Instagram comments.


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