Test your design early and frequent

Test your design early and frequent

October 1, 2018

Test your design early and frequent. ​?‍?​​?‍?​ When you test your design with real users, you’re not blinded by assumptions as you continue down your journey of creating a product. Testing helps you navigate through a whirlwind of ideas for features, assisting your concentration on what’s essential to the experience.

​​It’s good to know, however, what your user is asking for is possibly different to what they mean — rather than taking your findings quite literal, think of an alternate practice by reading between the lines; “it would help if there was a button there” could be synthesised as “I need a better way to get where I need to go”.

​​User testing is what pivots your product from “looking good” to “super useful, and it looks great” so it’s important to use your time carefully and ask the right questions.
​When I host user testing sessions I follow a simple map that helps structure the data the can inform my decisions that I’ll be sharing later ​?​​?​


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